Flying twice a week

Flying twice a week

I thought there will be more to share about being a super-commuter, but to be honest, it’s a lot less meaty topic than I had anticipated.

Every time I try to wrangle my brain for some coherent thoughts on the subject, I find myself at a total loss. I have a routine set up now on either end, and the transfer in between is relatively painless too. This split life has become my new normal for now and it’s hard to think what to share about it, other than these snaps.

One definite benefit is all the hours spent above the clouds, the sunsets and sunrises I get to see. I always loved flying, even though I feel it’s a very guilty pleasure. (I hate to think what my carbon footprint has become.)

I love how the world goes in and out of focus, how I leave normality as everything shrinks into a scale model of itself. Up in the skies I get a break from real life and I exist in between places. Then during the final descent things slowly grow into their own shape again, they scale back up to normal surroundings, and I find myself back in reality.

It’s a weird, gentle and often breathtaking feeling.