Shallow reunions

Shallow reunions

A couple of weeks ago I made another snap visit to Hungary, for my ten year high school reunion thing. It was kind of weird.

We met at our old school, went upstairs to our old classroom, and started up on the old jokes as soon as our aged behinds touched our faded old seats.

Then we went on to have a meal followed by a piss-up and some rather questionable clubbing action by the Old Lake in Tata. ’twas alright.

It was mostly worth for this sunset.

Overall, it was an interesting safari experience. Before this reunion, I thought that we all changed so much in the ten years that passed! That we have so much more in common now.

Afterwards though, I realised that we really didn’t, and don’t. Some new people now consider me more worthy of their attention than back then, but beyond that, I still have the best chats with the same old few.