Weekly running report #2

I’m having some seriously frustrating issues with the servers I’m hosted on and really struggle to post anything with images right now — apologies for the radio silence.

Here’s how I did this week:

Monday – 5.01 km in 39:00 at 7’46”
Sucked. I felt sluggish.

Wednesday – 5.08 km in 35:45 at 7’03”
Was better, no stops until the very end but definitely didn’t feel great.

Friday – 5.24 km in 35:09 at 6’42”
Was alright, much like last Friday but I only just managed to smash the time by a bawhair.

The combination of BBC Breakfast and running sometimes nearly makes me cry. On Wednesday morning I ended up ploddi g along amd watching a sensitively done feature on victims of people smugglers, showing a desperate group of refugees setting off in a dinghy fromthe Turkish side, hoping for the best, as the smuggler jumps off their boat to swim back ashore. The desperation of it. That and Syrian children who are forced to work for smugglers to “earn their own fare”, selling life jackets and saying things like “he’s a good man, has good dinghy, 700 dollars”. :(

Hope that these server errors get resolved quickly and I can resume my normal scheduling very soon. Thanks for the patience.

Weekly running report #2
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