My (vintage) camera stash


I love old photography gear, and I love doing the entire film-to-paper process myself too. I’m not into it to any crazy ebay-stalking meetup-going extent, but just enough that I have three oldschool cameras at home and spent enough time in darkrooms around Edinburgh to develop film and enlarge negatives with my eyes closed.

Wintertime in Scotland is perfect for spending evenings in the darkroom anyway. Once xmas is over and there’s not much to do in the dark nights, I’ll begin to go more regularly again. I’ll tell you all about that too, but until then I thought I’d show you around my stash of analouge gear, first up, the cameras themselves.

Old equipment like these always come with their stories, so for the next few weeks I’ll be telling you those and showing some of my favourite photographs from each too. If you’re not into cameras, I know you will like the stories!

My (vintage) camera stash
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