Teide National Park, Tenerife

I had a couple more snaps to share from our bus trip into the Paruqe Nacional del Teide. At 3,718m it’s the tallest peak in all of Spain, and as it’s closer to 7,500m when measured from the ocean floor, it makes Tenerife the third tallest volcanic island in the world… a pretty impressive peak overall.

The bus climbed up neck-breaking windy mountain roads through pine forests, landing us on a high desert plateau where little more than bushes grew. The sun beat down so hot you wanted to go sleeveless, but the air you breathed had a sharpness to it.

If the fresh Icelandic lava fields were black, everything was hues of red and yellow here. The eruptions few and long between, the sun stronger in these parts, plenty of time for the rock to fade.

At 2000m, above the clouds, watching the sun dip into the Atlantic.





Teide National Park, Tenerife
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