New Year in the South of Spain

Returning to Andalucía felt like coming home. None of those mixed feelings I had in Barcelona, this time around. I spent New Years Eve in stunning Granada, but I’m also going on hikes all around Sierra de las Nieves and heading back to Seville, the wonderful city I used to live in during my last year of university.

I resolved to consume as much jamón and red wine as I humanely can during the 15 days we’ll be spending here. I love all these andalusian indulgences, and above all the weather, which has been unbelievably kind to us so far.


In between stops we’ve been enjoying the hospitality of a good friend of ours in this very fancy complex up in the mountains, looking out over the Mediterranean. We’ve been spending our evenings back here drinking wine, devouring jars of olives and good bread, and talking about travels, side projects and life. Our friends are South African, and have a very keen interest in wildlife conservation. They made it their business to travel Africa and the rest of the world too, so their stories are always fascinating and at times intense or sad.



Being here feels like the perfect re-set I needed to plunge into 2016 with energy again! Hope it lasts.

New Year in the South of Spain
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