An East Landön break

Finally, a proper getaway! This year hasn’t been as packed with city breaks as the last so I was positively giddy heading down to London Town for the weekend.

These days I make few plans when I head to the Big Smoke, and this time was no different. All I knew was that there’s a flight booked, something got sorted on Airbnb, and we were meeting our friend Jen for dinner on Saturday night.

I was pretty excited to leave work thoughts behind for the week as I was heading for the airport on Friday night, until I realised we’re flying one of these rotor aircrafts, which are nothing short of death vessels as far as I’m concerned. There’s no part of a plane that I should see in movement (what if those rotors stop??), and there’s definitely no need for me to watch tyres lift off/hit tarmac at takeoff and landing.

landon - 1

Thankfully I get no real anxiety when flying, even under said circumstances. If I did, I’m pretty sure I’d loose it every time I travelled on one of the rotor monsters. As it stands, I just made sure to take up an aisle seat and block out all noise and light with a combination of earplugs and my grumpy cat mask.

Although I most often visit London to see some exhibition or another, this time getting some culture was the last thing on our minds. The point of the trip really was to spend as much time as possible with good old friends and everything else came second to that.

We even stayed in the same larger area as much as we could: flew into City, stayed in Aldgate, and met up with everyone in Shoreditch and Bethnal Green, which are all within easy reach of each other – everything was in fact so conveniently close that I didn’t even feel like I was in a city of 10,000,000! The only de-tour we made was for brunch and a spot of must-do shopping in a specialist store in Covent Garden (I badly needed a new stock of underwear from Tezenis).

Of course I was a terrible blogger throughout all of Saturday’s adventures, and only have a handful of pictures of half-finished food and blurry drunken night-time shots to share for all the hustle. But no bother, I’ll show you them anyway.


landon - 2

Lesson: I clearly need to improve my “blogging skills” and learn to shoot before I eat.

This was a tasty dish of poached eggs and whipped yoghurt, covered in melted chilli butter. Mind. Blown. A turkish original (?) from Kopapa & let me tell you it looked insta-worthy before I attacked it. I have to admit I chose the place based on a random mini-review in the Independent, based on their menu of eggs in a thousand forms and milkshake. Mr thought it was overpriced but satisfactory. He was quickly pacified by the salted caramel milkshake though.

Here is another view of the restaurant, and Mr’s finger. Further exemplary blogging skills on my part.

landon - 3

The next thing I “photo-documented” was an intense clash of rugby, Scotland vs Samoa, the same afternoon. I don’t follow rugby other than for the tight strips & scrum closeups, but this game was a complete try-fest, so action packed that it had me shouting at the screen along with everyone else in the pub. Kudos to Samoa for giving such a spectacularly hard time to the Scots, it was a joy to watch.

landon - 4

Here’s another beast of a feast demolished:

landon - 5

Looked mouth-watering before we destroyed it all, Vietnamese for six at VietGrill. They also had cocktail goblets the size of your head.

Did I say there would be drunken blurry silly photos?

landon - 7

This is Jen & I, my long time neighbour and the lady who introduced me and the Boy many years ago. An aussie by birth and a true world citizen by choice, she lives in Toronto, Canada now, where we incidentally might just have to visit her very soon.

landon - 6

For the last picture of the night, a surprise – such a small world. This is a good mate & his gf (from Edinburgh) who also happened to be in town randomly for The Melvins gig in Camden. We didn’t even know, just caught a Facebook update the night before. They ended up dropping in on us halfway through the night after the concert finished, since they stayed quite near the Shoreditch pub we were drinking in. By this point I had several large glasses of Rioja, so the real surprise was the following morning when I was going through my photos. Completely forgot we met up the night before! I guess all the poor quality pictures were good for something after all!

The walk home at the end of the night was a breeze, and ended with midnight ice cream from the corner shop, as all good nights do. I was rather tired the day after, but absolutely chuffed I got to spend time with all these lovely people.

More adventures next time!

An East Landön break
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