Holidays gone and done

Holidays gone and done

Uh-oh. Some time appears to have passed. I’ll call it the January slump, not apologise for the silence, and pick up where I left off.

We visited my parents’ for the holidays, took walks in the epic frost-bitten woods, cooked up huge roasts, and had a generally unusually merry time. I’ll leave a bunch of photos for you below & throughout, so you can see just how magical the woods were.

The five days went quickly, but we had another full week of holidays to enjoy afterwards, back in our home in Edinburgh. The weather wasn’t anywhere near as magical in Scotland as it was in Hungary, but hey, can’t have it all… and to be honest I was quite happy to just hang out at home, sew, cook, hang out together and do very little else. It was bliss.

Then the commute started back up again, and the rest of January feels like a blur. I’ve been staying in Bristol some weekends to save money, which is painful. I’ve been trying to get my driving to test standard, which is excruciating. It’s dark and damp here (thanks to the duly famous “Brizzle drizzle”). But the work is interesting and so worth it in the mid-term.

The sewing obsession continues. I decided to start a separate blog to gush about that and save you from the noise. This of course added to the prolonged silence over here though, as for a while stitching was all I wanted to write about. Well, it helped me through a dreary January, so no regrets! Let me know if you’d like to read my dressmaking rambles too, and I’ll send you a link.

I’d like to say that regular programming will now commence, but little’s happening  just now that’s not work, sewing or weekends in Edinburgh. If I get up to something fun, I’ll be sure to report x