London for work and pleasure

London for work and pleasure

Absurdly and unexpectedly, London was the pick me up I needed after the failed “relaxing holiday” in Bali.

I managed to spend some real time with a close friend I sorely miss, we took a lazy jet-lagged walk along Brick Lane and the flower market, then chased a very special Thames-bank sunset.

Then for two nights I checked into a shoebox hotel room by myself for work and wandered around Oxford Street and Soho in the evenings to recharge.

In the middle of a bustling city I managed to be very blissfully alone, barely take notice of the crowds and enjoy the festive lighting.

By the time I got back to Bristol, then Edinburgh, I was ready for the holidays.

Relaxing on holidays

Relaxing on holidays

So it turns out I can repeat myself and say that I thought I’d have a lot more to report about Bali than I actually do. Nothing demonstrates this more than the fact that I have taken more photos in the four days since I’ve been back in London, than on the entire week and a half holiday overseas.

It feels like a sad sad waste but I reckon completely missed out everything good about Bali and only experienced the tourist pits that I can’t possibly appreciate. I felt like a walking dollar sign the majority of the time, and haven’t seen any of the natural beauty, sights, real culture or warm hospitality that Bali is duly famous for.

I don’t even feel much like writing about the trip to be honest, so here’s a sunset shot instead.

Dan saw how frustrated I was the whole trip, and reckoned I just can’t chill the fuck out. I wondered if he was maybe right at first, but after spending three extremely chilled days in London once we returned from Bali, I’m convinced that he isn’t.

I feel the same way I did about that day trip to Morocco, I want to go back and see the real face of this fantastic corner of Indonesia, because I know it is a beautiful place full of warm hospitable people and things to discover.

So, that’s all I’ve got to show for going the world over. I have a fair few photos of my days in London though — next I’ll write about that instead.