Of everything and nothing in particular

Of everything and nothing in particular

Okay, so let’s go over the past few months, and the next few weeks too.

Since September and the last of the crazy travels, life has been a wee bit more regular, but no less hectic. I did end up catching a heavy cold sometime mid-October which took me out of action for the best of a week, but other than that it’s been back and forth between Bristol and Edinburgh, with little else to report.

D came to stay over the Bonfire Night weekend, which was blissful. Never went out to see the actual community bonfires all these years, and the Victoria Park event was pretty spectacular for a first. Missed out on the bit where they first ignite the fire and burn a Guy Fawkes effigy, but the combination of a pyre the size of a house, the surrounding magnificent autumn trees and all the fireworks constantly popping overhead made for a great experience anyway. All I was missing was some Baileys hot choc to keep my mitts warm. Should have thought ahead!

Been having my ups and downs at the new job, but I’m trying to keep in mind that this is the fastest way for me to learn and improve as a designer – I’ve purposefully thrown myself in at the deepest end, and I’m doing my best to keep above water and push through.

Speaking of improvements, I’ve been making significant progress in terms of my pool skills. Mostly I just play the same one mate but my confidence is slowly building up to a point where I feel like I might take some new people on soon as well!

What else? I’ve become increasingly obsessed with the idea of sewing my own clothes lately. I fully blame YouTube. This came to a head earlier this week when I ordered a sewing machine in the Black Friday sales. Damn you Amazon! But at least I got a real good price.

My biggest motivation is that I own a couple of items that I have quite literally worn to death, they look so worse for wear that I can’t possibly appear in public in them anymore. I’ve been trying to find similar pieces for yonks to no luck at all, but I know enough about sewing (and learned plenty more via YT) that I could totally totally copy them with ease. Hence the investment. Plus it’s fun. Crazy fabrics here I come!

Made me think, is there something in here about how I’m slowly taking up deep interest in all of these extremely traditionally female activities like makeup, cooking, crochet or sewing? I mean, I think blaming this on gender stereotypes/affinities is total and absolute BS, and so is calling makeup/cooking/crochet/sewing a “traditionally female” things, but nevertheless the fact remains that lately I’ve been really getting into a very typicised set of interests.

This aside, I’m excited about giving this a bash! Making my own clothes is on par in my mind with making my own plates and dishes (something I also practiced for a long time, throwing pottery), or any kind of skill that allows you to create things of great functional utility from scratch. These things all play into my survival instinct, however tertiary a priority having well-fitting clothing in a survival situation is.

Och well, this post is turning into a bit of a random brain-dump under this very bright but waning altitude Moon (I wrote this up in the air in flight mode, obviously), but I did promise rambles, so there you go.

What I did want to let you know is that soon I’m off on another epic holiday, this time to Bali. (If you wonder how I can afford all this travel, well so do I.) So I’ll be sure to write about that, and also share what it’s like to go to the worst tourist pits of South East Asia when you loathe being and feeling like a tourist. For all I know, it might be blissful. It’s Bali after all.

Flying twice a week

Flying twice a week

I thought there will be more to share about being a super-commuter, but to be honest, it’s a lot less meaty topic than I had anticipated.

Every time I try to wrangle my brain for some coherent thoughts on the subject, I find myself at a total loss. I have a routine set up now on either end, and the transfer in between is relatively painless too. This split life has become my new normal for now and it’s hard to think what to share about it, other than these snaps.

One definite benefit is all the hours spent above the clouds, the sunsets and sunrises I get to see. I always loved flying, even though I feel it’s a very guilty pleasure. (I hate to think what my carbon footprint has become.)

I love how the world goes in and out of focus, how I leave normality as everything shrinks into a scale model of itself. Up in the skies I get a break from real life and I exist in between places. Then during the final descent things slowly grow into their own shape again, they scale back up to normal surroundings, and I find myself back in reality.

It’s a weird, gentle and often breathtaking feeling.